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Warriors’ biggest arena hurdle looks to be the Giants

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Renderings of the Warriors stadium at piers 30-32. Concept by Future Cities. Southern aerial view. Photo: Art Zendarski, Future Cities / SF
Here’s the news nugget from Chronicle columnist C. W. Nevius today: The Giants aren’t just passively concerned about the Warriors hoped-for waterfront arena at Piers 30-32, they’re actively trying to prevent it. The Giants are said to favor a Warriors San Francisco arena, just somewhere else so that it won’t potentially create a traffic nightmare between AT&T Park and points north along The Embarcadero 200 days out of the year, including when baseball games are played.

Now for a little score-keeping: The Giants’ alleged support of a Warriors arena on Pier 50, south of AT&T Park, hardly seems consistent with their traffic concerns argument since it would still funnel arena-goers through the ballpark corridor. As for Nevius: he’s flying the boosterism banner high in tearing into the Giants for not being civic minded in their opposition. Especially considering that there are plenty of legitimate traffic, environmental and aesthetic concerns with a sports arena as bay in-fill.

And as for the rendering that accompanies the Nevius piece. That tiny little gem of a structure that appears to fade into non-view threatening obscurity—yeah, that’s the arena, rose-colored glasses edition.
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