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What strip club scandal? Port of Oakland re-hires ex-official as ‘consultant’

Friday, December 21, 2012

Recall a week ago the Port of Oakland pledged to clean up its act after tossing its scandal-plagued former executive director and maritime director overboard? Turns out maritime director James Kwon, whose part in a big night out at a Texas strip club on the taxpayers' dime helped get him canned, hasn’t really departed after all. He’ll be paid as a “consultant” for another seven months, earning $109 an hour based on his $214,000 salary, KTVU 2 says. UC Berkeley business ethicist Kellie McElhaney tells the station:
“Given the egregiousness of the allegations against him and his team, it seems a bit shocking that they would want to continue with what I think is a damaged brand."

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