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About Barry Bonds being whiffed by Hall of Fame

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Barry Bonds didn’t just get rejected for the Hall of Fame today; he got hammered. To get in, you need 75 percent approval from the 559- member Baseball Writers Association of America. He got only 36.2 percent, just behind Roger Clemens’ 37.6 percent. He’ll have other chances, but judging from his debut year of eligibility, it doesn’t look good for the steroid scandal-tainted ex-slugger. The Splash has reaction from Giants president Larry Baer, after the jump:
“This was the decision. It’s difficult. There have been complications in determining Hall of Famers throughout history, and it was more intense this year for sure. I think over time we would hope he’d be considered to be another Giant in the Hall of Fame. We also understand the voters need to sort some things out. That’s what I feel.”

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