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About the Warriors’ front office muzzling Andrew Bogut

Monday, January 28, 2013

Having mishandled the big center’s injury story early in the season by hyping his potential role this year even though they knew his surgery was more serious than they were letting on, did the Warriors front office learn something from it? Apparently so, based on this nugget in Rusty Simmons’ Sunday piece:

The Warriors have instituted a policy that injured players won’t talk to media until they return to the court since Bogut revealed to The Chronicle in November his April surgery included a microfracture procedure.

Lesson: If you’re going to keep secrets about your big trade acquisition, don’t forget to muzzle him. Interestingly, the club waived the gag order for the Warriors’ visit to Milwaukee (from whence Bogut came) Saturday. Intentional or not, it worked out well from a management perspective. Better to read stories speculating about Bogut’s return than merely those about the guy you traded to get him—Monte Ellis—helping the Bucks win.

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