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Michael Crabtree shares his feelings in New Orleans

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OK, we’ve been waiting for it. Here’s a closer on the Michael Crabtree rape allegations, which resulted in the DA’s office filing no charges. (For those who’ve been away, we refer to the W Hotel incident Jan. 13, party of 4, his room, aka three gals and a guy.) You already knew the 49ers were eager to put the matter behind them. Crabtree’s attorney is on record as being glad to put the matter behind him. And now the wide receiver shares his thoughts during a presser in New Orleans. Via the Mercury News:

"I was disappointed with the allegations, but it was something we had to deal with. That's behind me now. I'm just looking forward to the Super Bowl."


"I let my attorney deal with that," he said. "I don't think that can follow me."

Just another hip pointer on the road to glory.

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