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Those big fish being caught at Lake Tahoe—the climate connection

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gene St. Denis displays the giant brown trout - 15 pounds, 9 ounces - he caught last weekend near Cave Rock. Photo: Courtesy Eric St. Denis / SFTurns out there’s a climate-related reason why so many big fish are being caught on the south side of Lake Tahoe this winter, including a giant trout that weighed in at 28 pounds, 9 ounces two weeks ago. The jet stream that delivered a ton of rain to Tahoe a month ago stirred up the lake’s juvenile shrimp and crawdads, and high winds pushed the fish food from west to east, causing it to stack up at the west-facing underwater ledges off the southeast shore, Chronicle outdoors writer Tom Stienstra says.

Photo is of Gene St. Denis, holding his 15 pound, 9 ounce catch from a week ago. His son, Eric, caught the 28-pounder.

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