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Dede Wilsey: ‘If I thought I was the problem, I would remove myself’

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Did Fine Arts Museums board president Dede Wilsey step on the story yesterday of Colin Bailey’s being named as the museums’ new director? She insisted to ABC 7’s Lyanne Melendez that the decision to have her son’s photographs exhibited at the De Young wasn’t hers, but that of former director John Buchanan, who died 15 months ago. And when asked about criticism that she’s overstepped her bounds, she replied:

“And I just say to myself, ‘Well how ignorant.’ I mean where’s the problem? If I thought there was a problem, I would certainly address it and if I thought I was the problem, I would remove myself but frankly, we’re into enormous success.”

The new director, by the way, doesn’t start until June.

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