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Oh, by the way, the Peninsula’s Daily News is reducing print to 3 days

Monday, March 25, 2013

The free newspaper and MediaNews Group property that circulates in those ubiquitous red boxes on the Peninsula, does a digital launch tomorrow. It will be available as both an app or an electronic version delivered via email. Publisher Steve Paterson announced the “exciting news” in a long memo last week (it’s after the jump, via San Francisco Peninsula Press Club). Buried near the bottom, in graph 7, is the news that the print newspaper is being reduced to three days a week—Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It has printed Tuesday through Saturday since 2008. The memo:

Since Dec. 7, 1995, The Daily News has been a key part of our vibrant region. For nearly 18 years, we have reported the stories of the Peninsula— the stories of our community, our home.

Like our ever-evolving communities, The Daily News has also evolved during that time. There have been changes in ownership, in distribution and even the look of the newspaper. But the one constant has been that you could always find us— for free— in red newspaper racks positioned near stores, post offices, Caltrain stations, coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, schools, workplaces and almost everywhere else around the Peninsula.

Today, to ensure we will continue to be everywhere you look around the Peninsula, The Daily News is announcing our own exciting news.

Just as my predecessors made changes to meet our communities’ needs, we will, as well, because it is our responsibility to serve the community. You— our readers, our audience and our advertisers— have expressed the need for The Daily News to provide news and information when, where and how you want it. And for most of us, that is from digital sources.

So on March 26, we will be delivering a free electronic version of The Daily News that you can access via your computer, tablet or mobile device.

You can choose to get our free e-edition in your email box or download an app from the iTunes store or the Android store for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet, even the Kindle Fire. The e-edition will come in the same format as the printed newspaper. We will be telling you in the next few days how you can take advantage of these options. Through the e-edition, we’ll be able to provide you with the tools to search, save, archive and email ads and stories. You’ll also receive daily breaking news and sports alerts on your smartphone or computer email. In addition, you can opt to receive unique opportunities and special access to deals, services and discounts.

Meanwhile, you’ll still be able to pick up The Daily News the old-fashioned way — from our red news racks. We will produce a Wednesday mid-week edition, a Friday edition with full information about upcoming weekend activities, news and sports, and a Saturday edition featuring all our weekend topics. Between digital and print, we’ll still be “local, five days a week.”

The Daily News will continue to evolve by changing our business model to meet the needs of our community, our readers and our advertising customers. If you choose one of the digital options, we will in essence be providing you with home delivery of The Daily News. Many of you have asked for home delivery of the newspaper, but like many other free printed newspapers, the cost of providing that is prohibitive. Stay tuned over the coming months to see all the new and exciting ways your team at The Daily News will be working to bring you a new era in news and information delivery for the 21st century.

We pledge to continue to provide you with the best hyper-local news, sports and information in a format you desire to meet your daily needs, whether you are on the go, out of town or in your easy chair.

Steve Paterson, Publisher

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