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SFGate: left to wither on the Island of Shlock

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not quite through Week One of, the Chron’s new pay-walled site, and it looks good despite glitches here and there (like duplicate stories on the same page, that sort of thing). They’ll likely get it worked out soon. But what to make of SFGate, now that so much local content of worth has been stripped out?

At this moment (coming up on 11:30 a.m.) you can go to The Gate to: find out how much Kirsten Dunst hated kissing Brad Pitt, see pictures of Britney Spears in New York, read about Regis Philbin’s old mansion being torn down, learn about some New Jersey kids busted for pot smoking outside a police station, be “teased” with a snippet from . . . Chronicle Watch? Let’s just stop right there.

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