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About that ‘attempted break-in’ at Jerry Brown’s Oakland hills home

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

brownpresser.JPGThose three men whom Gov. Jerry Brown says tried to break into his Oakland hills home a year ago at 1 in the morning and who were released by Oakland PD after saying that they were looking to buy a house in the neighborhood: Sound a little strange?

Here’s this morning’s update, via the Sac Bee’s Capitol Alert blog, which now seems more like three people parked in the governor’s driveway, rather than a break-in attempt:

In an email to The Bee, Oakland Police Sgt. Chris Bolton said three people in a vehicle were stopped at Brown's home on Nov. 30, 2011 and that one of suspects was issued a citation for possession of a hypodermic needle. Bolton described the circumstances of the vehicle's presence on the property as suspicious but did not elaborate.

Bolton said the three people were released from the scene following a preliminary investigation.

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