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Calbuzz on why Jerry Brown is a likely shoo-in for re-election

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Sacramento political blog, in its cut-to-the-chase style, posits that if Gov. Jerry Brown runs for re-election in 2014—and there’s nothing to indicate that he won’t—his GOP challenger, even if it’s ex-Lite Guv Abel Maldonado, doesn’t figure to make much of a dent, including among Latino voters:

Even if Maldonado comes in second in an open primary — which is possible – he would lose among Latinos because Brown marched with Cesar Chavez, dated Linda Ronstadt, named Cruz Reynoso to the California Supreme Court, made Mario Obledo his Secretary of Health and Welfare and signed into law the Agricultural Relations Act.


Maldo’s line — “the son of immigrant field workers versus the son of Sacramento” – doesn’t cut it when he’s up against a guy who can mail out prayer cards with a snapshot of himself and Mother Teresa.

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