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Caught again cozying up to PG&E, state PUC postpones planned event

Thursday, April 25, 2013

This may sound like an episode of Keystone Cops, but it’s only the latest antics from the California Public Utilities Commission. Long dogged by criticism that it’s little more than a lapdog for the utilities it’s assigned to regulate, and on the heels of a tongue-lashing by state lawmakers just last week for its chumminess with PG&E and the rest of the gang, guess what? It’s being called out for planning a ‘joint safety conference’ partnering with, and at least partly paid for, by . . . PG&E.

And the PUC’s response? It now says it will postpone the event to an undisclosed date in order to “eliminate any possible public concern.” In other words, they’ll book it for later and hope nobody finds out next time? Mercury News

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