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KTVU 2 appears to have caught the Port of Oakland ‘Astroturfing’

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

There’s been a lot of happy talk from the Port of Oakland lately about reform in the wake of scandals over its mismanagement of public funds—including big tabs by unmonitored former officials for fancy meals and strippers. But is there really reform? KTVU 2 went searching for the answer and found . . . more scandal.

Rather than clean up its act, the port is apparently spending money on a PR power wash, including, as it turns out, buying up domain names associated with some of its perceived opponents to Astroturf—that is, use the Internet to propagandize. Among the domains are ones associated with I.L.W.U., the labor union, and—get this—Occupy Oakland. KTVU posts about it here, where you can also view the station’s on-air report.

Image: KTVU 2

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