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Pit bull bites lobbyist in Mid-Market; street folks come to dog’s defense

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Amid all the hype around the Mid-Market area as the next ground zero of the technology universe, J. K. Dineen at San Francisco Business Times offers an interesting yarn about well-known City Hall lobbyist Alex Clemens’ encounter with a pit bull as he strolled through United Nations Plaza the other day. An excerpt:

As he was approaching Market Street, near the brick columns inscribed by countries that joined the United Nations, a man holding a pit bull on a slack leash abruptly changed directions. Startled by the quick movements, the pit bull lunged at Clemens, who attempted to protect himself with his hands. The dog bit him — puncturing and lacerating his skin.

That’s for starters. Dineen says Clemens ended up being jostled by several street denizens who rushed to the dog’s defense.

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