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Racial politics: Oakland’s city council backs off from probing two of its own

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Remember that city auditor’s report accusing Oakland city council members Desley Brooks (pictured) and Larry Reid of improperly directing staffers to help direct a $2 million contract for, among other things, a recreation center, to a construction firm? Brooks and Reid are African American, and their supporters have denounced the report as racially motivated, as has the NAACP. So you might figure that an independent outside auditor would be called in to get to the bottom of things. And, indeed, that was the plan.

But Tuesday night, after supporters of Brooks and Reid turned up the heat, the city council pulled the proposal for an outside audit from its agenda. And now the NAACP is pressing for punishment against city auditor Paul Ruby for having issued the report that they don’t want an independent auditor to take a look at. Oakland Tribune

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