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Food fight comeback: After once disowning it, CNN brings back Crossfire

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eight years ago CNN yanked Crossfire in what at the time was praised as a progressive step toward weeding out the brainless hack-and-flack political food fights that pass for discussion on cable TV. But there’s a new network boss in Jeff Zucker (the same guy who gave us Donald Trump when he headed NBC Entertainment) and he’s resurrecting Crossfire this fall.

The players will include: Newt Gingrich on the right, and the Bay Area’s own (and Obama administration team member for a nanosecond) Van Jones, on the left.

As for the video clip above, that’s Jon Stewart’s classic, brilliant 2004 appearance on the show in which he twists the dagger into Crossfire co-hacks Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson—an appearance widely credited with shaming CNN into canceling it. But that was then. NYT

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