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San Jose throws its long ball—antitrust lawsuit against MLB over A’s

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

San Jose wants the A’s to move there at least as much as owner Lew Wolff wants to get out of Oakland and this morning the city filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against Major League Baseball to . . . speed the process along? The nut of the city’s argument: that MLB has “unlawfully conspired to control the location and relocation” of its teams (insert San Francisco Giants’ South Bay “territorial rights” reference here).

Let’s see. The A’s would-be move has been stalled for four years already, and, assuming the San Jose City Council’s effort ever rounds first base (not to mention second and third), it would likely be some June day in a year far, far away before we’d hear from the U. S. Supreme Court. By then, who knows where the A’s might be. Mercury News writes about it.

Image: MLB’s territorial rights map of the Giants and A’s, via ESPN

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