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After Howard’s departure, Lakers look a lot smaller—in more ways than one

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Warriors may not have won the Dwight Howard signing derby over the holiday weekend but they can take solace in one thing: the pouty, schoolyard reaction by the Lakers after the big guy made it clear he didn’t want to stick around for the Jim Buss meltdown era and take orders from Kobe Bryant. Yeah, the Laker fan-boys have really, really gotten their feelings hurt.

Shaquille O’Neal calls Houston “a little town” and says Howard couldn’t take the bright lights of LA. Even ex-Laker coach Phil Jackson, whom co-owner Jim (son of the late Jerry) Buss dissed by not hiring (but who’s still a sort-of Laker because his girlfriend is Jim’s sister and Laker operations chief Jeannie Buss) says, sarcastically, that Howard should do well as an “Astro.” LA Times

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