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City College of San Francisco draws the accreditation death penalty

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A stunner on the eve of the Fourth of July: City College of San Francisco will lose its accreditation a year from now and its elected Board of Trustees will be stripped of decision-making authority. The decision means that, barring either a successful appeal or making enough progress to earn an extension, the college of 85,000 students will be forced to close as of July 31, 2014. Under state law, taxpayer funds cannot go to an unaccredited institution, so if the decision stands, CCSF—whose mismanagement has been colossal—would essentially collapse for lack of financial sustenance.

College officials reacted angrily to the news. From the Chronicle:

"It's shocking and outrageous, given the massive changes we've made," said John Rizzo, president of the college trustees. "We've reorganized every level of the management structure, in every department. We've cut pay. We've funded the reserve for nine years. ... This is really bad for San Francisco."

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