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Half-naked and climbing in woman’s window—Sonoma Supervisor Efren Carrillo

Monday, July 15, 2013

That alleged burglar who tried to enter a woman’s bedroom window in Santa Rosa dressed only in underwear and sox—that would be Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo, 32. He was arrested early Saturday after a 911 call from a woman in the neighborhood where he lives. Police arrested the supervisor after he gave them a story that didn’t add up—starting with why he was only partially dressed. He’s got a court appearance Thursday.

The supervisor, seen in one newspaper photo covering his face as he left jail after posting bail, is attributing the incident to an alcohol problem. His advisors say he’s going into rehab.

It isn’t the first scrape with the law for Carrillo, who had been expected to run for state office. He was involved in a fight outside a nightclub in San Diego last year in which a man was injured. No charges were filed in that one. Santa Rosa Press Democrat

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