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KTVU 2 apologizes after racist on-air gaffe in its air crash coverage

Friday, July 12, 2013

Talk about humiliation. After announcing that KTVU 2 had learned the names of the four pilots aboard Asiana Flight 214, noon co-anchor Tori Campbell today proceeded to read four fake (and derogatory) names on-air. She read a correction after a commercial break. But . . . way too late to undo the damage. Someone’s idea of a joke? Look for heads to roll.

The gaffe comes after KTVU produced a promo tooting its horn (a little too loudly) for its coverage of the tragedy, including this (in retrospect) golden quote from news director Lee Rosenthal:

“Being first on air and on every platform in all aspects of our coverage was a great accomplishment, but being 100% accurate, effectively using our great sources and social media without putting a single piece of erroneous information on our air, is what we are most proud of as a newsroom.”

So much for that. The Chronicle says Rosenthal wasn’t immediately available after today’s on-air crash-down.

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