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Lite Guv snapshot: LA Times offers up a Gavin Newsom career check

Monday, July 15, 2013

Today’s “Column One” front page feature in the LA Times takes up the ticklish topic of what it means to be California’s lieutenant governor and it reads like a what-might-have-been recollection of Gavin Newsom’s political career to-date. That’s starting with the lede: “For more than two years, Gavin Newsom has suffered the indignities of being the state’s second-in-command.” An excerpt from just below that unadorned zinger:

On a Monday this spring, he was escorted off the Senate floor.

A security officer had told the lieutenant governor that he couldn't sit in the same room as lawmakers when they debated policy because he was a member of the executive branch.

Outside, Newsom slumped on a wooden bench, his face that of a star pupil who'd been sent to the principal's office.


Just then, a woman stopped and asked Newsom — former San Francisco mayor, hero to the gay rights movement, gubernatorial contender — if he would pose for a picture with her son. Newsom put his arm around the boy and flashed a Hollywood smile.

"What's a lieutenant governor?" the boy asked.

Newsom kept his gaze on the camera.

"I ask myself that every day."

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