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NFL justice? Santa Clara DA says no charges against 49ers’ Ahmad Brooks

Friday, July 19, 2013

After six weeks of hand-wringing over whether to charge 49ers star linebacker Ahmad Brooks with assault after he allegedly belted teammate Lamar Divens over the head three times with a beer bottle, the Santa Clara DA’s office has decided . . . Brooks won’t be charged with a crime. But wait, there’s more. The DA’s rationale for what many will see as another case of “NFL justice,” is that Brooks, who was allegedly drunk at the time, had a viable self-defense argument because he said his friend Divens had shoved him at a party a month earlier. (C’mon, can’t a group of people who went to law school do better than that?)

Divens, by the way, should get a hardship medal for being Brooks’ friend. What brought on the assault-that-wasn’t: his refusal to hand over car keys to Brooks while acting as his friend’s designated driver.

Oh, and the topper: Mercury News says that the DA’s office didn’t get around to interviewing Brooks until more than a month after lower level prosecutors first obtained a warrant for his arrest—before higher-ups in the office quickly interceded.

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