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Aaron Peskin on America’s Cup: ‘As exciting as watching paint dry’

Monday, August 12, 2013

Aside from providing great visuals for TV the America’s Cup has, of course, been underwhelming as a spectator event compared to the hype surrounding San Francisco’s push to attract it. Which is not surprising, considering that instead of 10 or 12 racing teams, there’s only Larry Ellison’s defending champs and three challengers. Critics who point out that the city is on the hook for police and transportation costs continue to have a field day. Here’s former Board of Supervisors president Aaron Peskin talking to the WSJ’s Market Watch:

“The good news is that because no one is actually showing up, their costs are going down,” said Peskin, who lives on Telegraph Hill where he has a view of the festivities down at Pier 27. “This whole thing was predicated on somewhere between 12 and 15 teams from around the world.. It turned out to be three and Oracle, which is as exciting as watching paint dry.”

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