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Google this: Sergey Brin’s marital breakup gets the tabloid treatment

Thursday, August 29, 2013

When is a marital split big news in Silicon Valley? When the husband, in this case Google co-founder Sergey Brin, is worth $20 billion and his wife, biotech entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki, is an influential Valley player in her own right. Mercury News says the couple signed a prenuptial agreement before their 2007 marriage, so a divorce, should it come to that, may not have much impact on Google’s stock, 28 percent of which Brin is said to control.

It should be, oh, another 40 seconds or so before TMZ posts a photo spread of the anonymous Google employee with whom Brin is said to be involved in an office romance. The Merc says that the anonymous employee’s ex-boyfriend, a Google senior executive on the Android side, is leaving the company for unrelated reasons. OK.

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