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Keith Olbermann: Al Gore was ‘a clod’ who ‘underdelivered’

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The newest member of ESPN’s broadcast family and maybe the closest thing to a human nitroglycerine tablet is sounding off in public again. And that includes dishing on former Vice President Al Gore, his one-time top boss at Current TV, where he was fired. An excerpt from Marisa Guthrie’s profile of Keith Olbermann in The Hollywood Reporter:

"When you're working for somebody whom you admired politically, who turns out to be a clod," says Olbermann, referring to Gore, "the scales fall from your eyes. Sorry. Al underdelivered. I mean that's just simply the case. I don't want to dwell on it, but it's true."


Olbermann saw Gore at the arbitration meeting in San Francisco on March 12. Asked whether that was awkward, he smiles ruefully: "Two days before, I'm standing at Phoenix Municipal Stadium with my friend Bob Melvin, the manager of the Oakland A's, talking about pitching depth. Two days after that, I'm in a mediator's office, hearing myself described as, you know, akin to Stalin. We are in the middle of a legal proceeding involving large sums of money and contracts. Of course it was awkward."

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