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One journo’s view as to why America’s Cup is a dud

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Forget the low spectator turnout, the sparse field of racing teams, the cheating allegations, a sailor’s tragic death and the big bill San Franciscans are likely to be stuck with. The Mercury News’ Mark Purdy cuts to the chase as to why America’s Cup was likely doomed before local politicians sold it as the best thing since night baseball:

It finally dawned on me exactly why the America's Cup has no real chance to grab a mainstream sports audience. Average fans expect to know three basic things when deciding whether to attend or watch: 1) That the event will be held; 2) That it will begin at a specific time; 3) That there will be a conclusion with one team beating another on the scoreboard or over the finish line. The America's Cup can guarantee none of those things.

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